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About Catherine

I grew up with a love of animals and especially dogs, horses and ducks. I learnt to ride when I was four, but after a dramatic fall from a tiny Shetland pony I hung up my riding boots. I was back in the saddle at 12, lucky enough to have a pony of my own, but after I left home horses faded out of my life until I began to ride again at the age of 40. After training in Craniosacral Therapy – a therapy that gently restores and rebalances mind, body and emotions –­ I saw a way of working with humans and horses together. I gathered my herd and launched The Herd Centre in May 2017. For me it is a dream come true being around horses and supporting people to feel more at home with themselves.

“I love being outside, immersed in nature, hearing the birdsong, feeling the breeze and being amongst the horses. Seeing clients visibly relax and experience moments of joy and uplift.”

Catherine Daley, founder and Horse & Human Experiential Learning practitioner


Student of Learning Animals 

"Only when you give to Nonhuman Others the space, the context, and the time to create their own experience, their own learning, their own sharing, when you focus on their quality of life, and freedom of expression, will you see them for who they really are". 

– Dr. Francesco De Giorgio, Founder of Learning Animals

Certified LEAP Equine-Assisted Learning Practitioner (overseen by BACP, the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy)

Registered Craniosacral Therapist, abiding by the Craniosacral Therapy Association’s Code of Ethics

Clean Language practitioner

Ongoing commitment to CPD, learning and training

Regular supervision


Retired polo pony who loves having a good scratch.


A cob with an awesome moustache, hairy trousers and a love of calm.


A playful self-rescued gypsy cob cross who loves to find out what’s going on.


Retired race horse who enjoys being able to reach the tasty leaves in over hanging branches.